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Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing is essential in order to have heads in the beds of your accommodation establishment, restaurant or any other tourism activity.

Tourism Marketing

To thrive in the hospitality industry you have to be professional – whether your establishment has 2 rooms or 2000 or  any number in between these extremes. Marketing activities have to take place on an ongoing basis. The cool drink that everyone thinks of is Coca Cola – one would think people would just buy it – but people just buy it because the marketing of Coca Cola is so dominant and continuous.

And so it needs to be for a hospitality establishment – to the target market you have chosen and in proportion to the amount of revenue you can earn. A rough rule of thumb is to set aside 5 – 10% of your potential turnover as a marketing budget.

Tourism Marketing

When you set up an establishment it is tempting to say it’s going to be there for anyone who comes to the area. Well that is your first clue – who does come to your area? If you are in a city there is a good chance there will be businesses around you and then you will market to business travellers, and if you are in a game reserve you will market to leisure travellers. But within these clear segments there are many sub segments to be identified. And some cities attract leisure travellers and it is not spread evenly as some suburbs attract leisure travellers while others don’t. The same applies to the property in the game reserve – maybe there is the potential to hold conferences and expand the market beyond leisure travellers.

And how do you reach them? Put a sign outside? Create a website? There are many elements to the marketing mix.

Tourism Marketing

Marketing these days is divided into online and offline marketing. As a result of 25 years experience in the industry we have huge knowledge, skills and connections in both online and offline marketing.

There are very few quick fixes. Marketing for the hospitality industry requires you to be knowledgeable and organised. Changes in how to market best online are happening faster than ever so keeping up is a challenge of its own.

Our most valuable service is to fast track your knowledge so that you can do it yourself, if you choose, or we will do it for you. We will hold your hand until you are ready to handle it all yourself.

We are here to assist you to build your business and look forward to being of service.

“Vanessa immediately took a hands-on approach in enlightening herself as to the product she was about to start selling. Where in your life has your web designer come see your venue, take photos and provide props, all at his/her own discretion, before deciding if the product could be marketed? All this before you’ve even parted with a penny? It was a first for me. I realised Vanessa was priceless.

 “Results were instantaneous; enquiries began to roll in daily, then hourly and now we can’t keep up. Vanessa recreated and redefined key search areas pertaining to our market, not wasting money on anything else and gave us the foot in the door required to live up to client expectations, exceed client satisfaction and show profits.

 From the team here at Vaal Privè, there are no words that can describe the difference Vanessa has made. My recommendation can never accurately define Vanessa’s contribution – but if you’re in business it’s a privilege having Vanessa on your team.”

Carl de Kock – Owner, Vaal Prive – see full testimonial

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